Getting Started

Sign language version coming soon!

Signlinking is a way to add links directly into sign language videos on the web.

Signed web pages are specially designed web pages for sign language users. They allow you to post and view material on the internet entirely in sign language or in sign language with captions and/or text. Using the Signlink technique, videos of people signing can be linked to any other information on the web. Below is an image of a signed web page.

A signed web page is built around a video of a person signing. When the signer identifies a concept that the web page author has linked to another web page, a signlink appears. Signlinks are similar to text hyperlinks on a text web page - you can click on a link to go to somewhere else on the web. A signlink is identified by a red outline around the video. On a signed web page, several features supplement the video:

Link timeline: The link timeline lets you quickly see the number and location of signlinks in the video. A link is highlighted when its signlink plays in the video. Clicking on any of the blue links plays the video from the start of that signlink.

Thumbnail images: Each thumbnail image is an image captured from within a different signlink. The thumbnail image is highlighted when its signlink plays in the video. Clicking on the image plays the video from the start of the signlink. When you want to follow a signlink, select the blue bar that appears below the thumbnail image.

Next and previous link buttons: These buttons allow you to jump to the next and previous signlinks in the video.

Slow mode button: This button toggles the slow speed mode. This can be useful when a signer is finger spelling quickly.

Optional text on/off: This button toggles the optional text box on and off.

CC button: This button toggles the closed captioning on and off if closed captioning is available.